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Box Guard: Getting to the Bottom of it

The Problem

Dirt and debris

When burrowing animals tunnel in the vicinity of valve boxes, they off-load drit or other debris into this space. Over time these underground housings can become filled with dirt, making maintenance time consuming and costly.

This off-loading of dirt into the valve boxes causes a variety of problems:

  • The presence of soil reduces the accessibility of the equipment
  • Servicing these areas requires extra time to clean out the area and expose the valve
  • Roots from nearby trees and shrubs grow around the valves and cause premature failure


Animals, including rodents and snakes, will often inhabit valve boxes due to the protective shelter they provide. The presence of these unwanted pests though can pose a serious health threat to anyone performing maintenance or servicing a valve box.

Many times it is difficult to see these animals at first glance and if the person servicing the valve sticks their hand in a box that is inhabited by an animal there is the potential to be bitten, and in the case of snakes, this could be deadly.

Code Violation

If a burrowing animal infiltrates an underground housing space containing a back flow assembly, the 12" clearance required by law cannot be maintained. This situation can result in the violation of various health codes and poses a public health hazard.

All of these problems result in wasted time gaining access to the valves and increased costs to the client.

Box Guard: Protecting Your Valve Boxes

The Solution

Box Guard is the patented new product that protects valve boxes and underground housings from unwanted dirt, debris and pests by providing a barrier on the bottom of valve boxes.

Box Guard is designed to fit under different sizes of pits, boxes and vaults, effectively preventing moles, shrews, gophers and other burrowing animals from despositing their burrowed out soil inside these underground housings.

Box Guard also prevents rodents, snakes and other animals from making valve boxes their home by sealing off the bottom and sides of the box which are used as an entrance by these animals.

The Benefits

Installing Box Guard in your valve boxes has many advantages:

  • Valve boxes are free of dirt and debris
  • Pests are prevented from inhabiting valve boxes
  • Gaining access to contents inside the box is fast
  • Maintaining and servicing valve boxes is easy

Developed in the Northwest, Applicable Everywhere

Box Guard was originally named Mole Guard because it was created in the Pacific Northwest, a region where moles are a common problem. It soon became apparent though that the application of Mole Guard was not limited to this geographic location, but could be beneficial across the country in keeping valve boxes clean and free of unwanted pests. As a result, we changed the name to Box Guard because our product just doesn't protect your valve boxes from moles, but it also protects them from a host of other pests, including snakes, gophers, and voles.