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Check out this blog that City Rain wrote about their expereince with Box Guard!

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We've Changed our Name!

Mole Guard has changed it's name to Box Guard, becuase our product just doesn't protect your valve boxes from dirt from moles, but also guards against a host of other pests infiltrating your valve box!

Can you guess what's inside this valve box?

Submitted by: Nick from City Rain

Seattle, WA

We are looking for pictures of the worst dirt and debris filled valve boxes.

Send us your pictures today and they could be featured on our website!

Moles, gophers, rodents and other pests can pose a problem for most sprinkler installers. Their presence ensures unwanted dirt and debris to be pushed into valve boxes, filling them with soil and allowing roots to soon follow.

Required maintenance and repairs take extra time digging out these valves and cutting out roots. This tedious process is not only a waste of time, money and energy, but it is also completely unnecessary thanks to Mole Guard.

Additionally, animals such as snakes, can inhabit these valve boxes, posing a safety hazard to those who service and maintain them.

Box Guard is the revolutionary solution that prevents dirt from being offloaded into valve boxes making them easily accessible for servicing and required maintenance.

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Box Guard keeps your valve boxes free of dirt and pests.

Spend a little time installing Box Guard now to save time in the future.

Don't delay, start protecting your valve boxes today.