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Installation Guide:

Learn how to install Box Guard for new installations or existing installations.

The investment you make in installing Box Guard will immediately pay off the first time the valve is serviced. The extra 15 minutes that it takes to install Box Guard will ensure that the valve box will be clean and easily accessible for months and years to come. For assembly instructions for the BG#1400 and BG#2000 models click here.

Download the printable versions:

Installation Guide

Installation Guide - with pictures

For Existing Valves:

Installing Box Guard is essientially the same as new installations, however, for optimal performance it is important that you follow these suggestions:

  • Clean the valve box so the side guards can better adhere to the sides of the valve box
  • If the valve box has been cut with large holes for the pipes and the side guards are not well supported on all sides, use a new valve box